I had the pleasure of working with Desiree as one of the participants in a brief series of small group career coaching sessions she led.  What I admired most about Desiree was her ability to create a safe and engaging environment, ask inspiring and thought provoking questions, and help the group members rekindle our passion for the changes we were interested in implementing. Desiree’s own career trajectory is very inspiring, and she brings excitement and learning opportunities in every interaction. 

Alex Pagonis 
Global Corporate Communications Management Consultant​

I’m continually inspired by Desiree’s passion and energy for living life to its fullest. Her warmth and compassion made me feel truly supported as I explored new directions, and I learned some good tools to help me access my own vitality along the way. 

Desiree is an amazing coach with not only the skills to get the job done, but also the personality, drive and focus to get it done with a smile.  I came to Desiree not knowing what I needed, but I needed a change in my work life, health, etc. as my life was not going in the direction I wanted.  After working with her, not only did I accomplish the goals we set together, I gained the confidence and tools to walk away from a toxic job to start my own consulting agency (which was her idea).  I highly recommend Desiree as a coach who is always willing to go the extra mile(s). I owe so much of my success in every part of my life to her.  


When working with Desiree over a few months in 2012, I found her to be very skilled, insightful, generous and invigorating in each of the coaching sessions.  I'd strongly recommend her, and look forward to eventually working with her again.




It was a time in my life, when my career and my lifestyle came to a point of confusion. I wanted to improve myself and came to a bottleneck, then I found Desiree, who guided me through my barriers and take a differnt and closer look at myself and life.


I really enjoyed working with Desiree, she guided me to discover things that I have never thought I would do, pushed me facing my weaknesses and help me to conquer them.  Each work session with Desiree became my inspiration, I am definitely much happier and my goals are more clear since I started working with Des. I highly recommend Desiree as a professional coach, she will help you to put your "mind, body and soul" all together and well balanced.

Kelli Chang
UX Motion Designer at Microsoft

Working with Desiree was extremely motivating and uplifting! She expressed genuine care in my progress and was a much needed cheerleader. She helped me recognize what values are most important to me, and suggested tools to live in more alignment. With her encouragement, I followed through with becoming Zumba certified! Something I was very fearful of doing, but became easier as I took myself out of comfort zones little by little by trying new things.


Health wise I've become more aware of how I feel when I'm active, eating healthy and consuming lots of water. I have increased energy and clearer mind, therefore I now strive to maintain those feelings. I also became more in tune with how I feel when I'm not rested, consuming lots of foods and drinks that do not serve my big picture and when I am inactive. It brings my energy down and I feel more depressed, which is not in alignment with my values and best self. Since I've been open to trying new things, I have more variety of things to do on an everyday basis. The Power of 5 Program was powerful and the sessions worked well for me. I'm very grateful for the impact Desiree has made and continues to make in my life!



Johana Barahona

Singer | Songwriter 


Desiree is fantastic. After speaking with her about my health and fitness goals as well as dietary restrictions (vegetarian), she put a personalized plan together. During our weekly check-ins she encouraged me to work harder. After a six-week run, the results were awesome. Never felt better! I would highly recommend Desiree for coaching!







Ash Ahmad

Co-founder Social Media Marketing Strategist at Comment Ground 





What can I say about Des, she's amazing, that's what!  The more I work with her, the more I find out about myself, and I tell you that could be a scary thing, if you had to go it alone.


She has definitely helped me uncover what my weaknesses are and has helped me to be okay with them.  When we work together, we don't have time for the pity parties.  Our calls are straight to the point.  I guess that comes with time.  You can't go wrong with having a coach, all the great ones have one and I tell you, Des will certainly push you to greatness.  Thanks Des! 

Derrick Anderson

Physical Therapist Asstistant

Kaiser Permanente 

Owner of Bodyworks Plus 


Desiree is the the kind of coach I feel completely comfortable with.  She is open, has a great sense of humor, compassionate, genuinely cares about your dreams and goals...and she really works with you in a strategic and supportive way to change your life.  She maps out core issues and turns them into breakthroughs.


Desiree's support has allowed me to motivate myself to reach career and emotional goals that have not only shaped who I am, but also I feel complete in my souls' calling. I have been able to identity habits and qualities in myself that hold me back..and now I am more confident in the work that I do today. Thanks Des for being super supportive, excited for my life, and a great coach!

Cindy Manit

Owner/Founder , PranaFITTE

Yoga Instructor & Personal trainer


I am nearing 40, a single mom to three girls, and feel I have many life experiences which have helped me evolve into a better person.  My expectations for a life coach is quite high since I basically coach myself a lot.  But always setting goals for myself both professionally and spiritually, I thought hiring a life coach would be a great benefit to my journey.When I first heard about Desiree through a mutual friend, I was hesitant.  I thought to myself, "what can she teach me that I don't already know?"  Well to answer that question, (for me that is) not much (notice, I'm a pretty arrogant know-it-all)...it wasn't more so what she taught me but my experience with her that was life-changing.  And the little that she did teach me, was the simplest of information but the most powerful that was necessary. 


She's a breath of fresh air. She's the strong powerful woman with a soft empathetic nature.  She exudes positivity which in return makes you want to emulate.  She provides feedback you already know but don't want to hear.  She makes you face your demons in the most supportive, comfortable, and safest way, as well as, cultivating dreams you wish to pursue and finding break throughs on how to get started.  What Desiree does, is fill you with passion to break through these barriers holding you back.  My answers were always inside of me the whole time.  She just encouraged me to lead with love and to let go of fear and find my answers.  After every meeting, I always felt rejuvenated and fearless. I am forever grateful for her spiritual maturity and professionalism.  She has shared with me her light that is priceless and for that I thank you Desiree.  Sending you much love and light on your journey.  And kudos to you for being such a great force in this world!

Sutheavi Tiv

Healthcare Sales Professional 

Catherine O'Classen

Owner of Gentle Waters Detox 

Des has this way of building from the ground up with fundamentals, I was a little nervous hiring a life coach, I knew I didn’t need a mother-figure telling me what to do, I needed something else.  I learned how to identify love, acceptance, and blockages in my life during our sessions. 


Desiree has the balance of loving energy and encouragement with a hint of discipline.  I’ve worked with a coach in the past and it didn’t work, I felt like I was given a “to-do” list and had challenges around  commitment.  I am not a routine person, and Des is so amazing at keeping me guessing, engaged and is so flexible she makes me want to do more and become more!





Sally Verdos

Marketing Consultant 

In every interaction with Des, I come away with new insights that I could apply in all aspects of my life; from health to career to relationships.  I’m constantly amazed at what she has to offer – and what she has helped me realize that I have to offer.  Des has a rare gift of coaching and is able to bring out the best in people.  She is truly an inspiration! 

Rosanne Pizarro

VP: Operations Project Consultant 

National Banking Institution

Christopher Sharpe 

San Francisco Real Estate Consultant 

Roman Martinez

Senior Manager, Ad Operations





I have known Desiree for a number of years and found her inspirational from the moment I met her. Over the past several months, I began working with her as my personal coach.  I knew how fantastic she was, but working with her one-on-one has been a huge event in my life.  I have worked with other coaches in the past, but none have motivated me and committed to me as she has.  Her insights are spot on--when you need that nudge, she's there.  I look forward to continuing on the path I am moving on since I've started working with Desiree.  Her knowledge, training, and experience bring a huge insight to her work.  I could not recommend her more highly!

Dani Combs

Retired Insurance Business Owner 




Desiree is the ideal personal trainer who combines expertise in the physical and nutritional aspects of fitness and sports training with deep insight into the whole person.  Working with her, you have an opportunity to focus your training experience on a particular fitness or sports goal, or on your overall personal development and well-being--or why not on  both?  


She is tough enough to help drive you to great results, but also a compassionate and understanding person who makes it fun and energizing to get where you want to go. She helped me very much when it came to both clarifying my values and improving my health and fitness--a great trainer to work with, starting on the first day of the rest of your life.

Jonathan Cohen

Senior Marketing Writer

VM Ware




Desiree is truly a positive, sincere, and warm motivational coach.  The day I met her felt like I'd known her for longer because of her sincere and warm personality and energy during our first meeting!  I could immediately tell how much she wanted me to succeed, and something about that interaction really helped establish trust :) I have met with her for the past few months to help bring some clarity and direction to personal and health-related goals of mine, and I've truly achieved measurable wins in both areas since working with Desiree.  


The most significant of the wins was having my doctor tell me that I had great lab test results in managing my chronic disease, and I hadn't achieved results like that in the the past couple years!!  Desiree offered a fresh perspective of ideas and insight that I wasn't able to see in my funk.  She was able to be a strong voice of reason to help me get through my tangled thoughts.  All I can say is that it is definitely helpful to have someone in your corner helping you with those breakthrough moments and I think Desiree is really good at what she does, and lives and breathes the advice she gives, which is what also makes her so very relatable to work with.  Thanks Desiree!




Lakisha Cunningham 

Human Resources Professional 

Marilyn Davidson

Education Professional 

Desiree is someone with whom you connect from the very first moment.  She is a wonderful listener and desires to help you the way you want/need to be helped.  You never feel as though she is promoting her own agenda.  I have been connected with Desiree for about 6 months and looked forward to our weekly meetings.  She found just the right ways to keep me moving forward with my health goals.  She is a winner and can help anyone become a winner too!

Desiree is a trainer at our corporate HQ in Sunnyvale.  This review represents the combined opinions and contributions from several of our employees.

Desiree is an awesome trainer. She is very knowledgeable and focuses a lot on correct form vs just pounding out reps. She pays attention to both the group and individual persons and tailors the workout to fit where they are at (vs blindly following a strict regimen).  Her workouts are always hard and effective, and generally, combine a focus on a specific muscle group with an overall full body workout.

In addition to her technical skills, she is fun, is a great motivator, and provides encouraging support.  Desiree goes out of her way to call out individual successes and encourage additional effort to push the limits of each athlete.  She is always trying new techniques to motivate our class, including bringing and handing out a trophy each week to the athlete who she feels worked the hardest in that particular class.

Corporate Client 

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