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3 Healthy Alternatives for Allergy Relief!

April 27, 2015

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3 Healthy Alternatives for Allergy Relief!

April 27, 2015


Hey Everyone! 


Sharing what's worked and helped me...hope it does the same for you! 


#1 Local Bee Pollen - You can typically find this at your local farmer's market.  Read the directions and take gradually for about a month or so.  How does this help?  Bee pollen actually reduces histamine, which is the same target of over-the-counter medications.  It's important note, if you are highly allergic to bee stings, it’s best to avoid bee pollen. If you're pregnant, breast-feeding, or on blood thinners, or have any other concerns of course check with your doctor before consuming.  Best thing, you're not hopped up, wigged out or drowsy from allergy medicine. 


#2 Coconut Oil - An amazing healing agent for thousands of years, this helps with lowering the inflammation down in the body when being under attack with allergies.  There are various ways to consume this, you can put a teaspoon in your coffee, you can add it to a smoothie, or better yet you can put a half a teaspoon under your tongue and let a it dissolve.  This goes into your bloodstream more quickly with out having to digest.


#3 Neti Pot - This goes back to ancient practice centuries ago.  Started in Ayurveda medicine, a traditional Indian medicine system, it's a technique of flushing nasal cavities with warm salt water to help remove excess pollen, debris and mucus.  Try it in the shower and boy this one does wonders.


Simply put, get rid of the inflammation in the body and clean out the the precious nose.  You will start feeling better and breathing better.  Try these tips and let me know how they work for you!  


Thanks for watching!



Trained Life Coach | Vitality Strategist



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